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    In the morning, the scenery is bright and the breezywind is blowing.The students of Grade1&2 comprehensive abilitytests are being conducted in the playground.This is a unique final exam.


    In the poem part, children are big fans of"Chinese ancient poetry"


    In Speaking part, children are surrounded by a theme,confident expression.


    In words part, the children who competed have the mostvocabulary.


    In the math part,they are quick and responsive..


    At the English corner, children communicate withteachers and foreign teachers.


    In the art part, they sing and dance, draw and playthe musical instruments.


    In science part, what will happen to the snails andfish?


    In the sports part, they completed running, skipping,shooting, hurdling and other sports skills.


    Parents are organizers and participants of the eventand they make the most impartial evaluation of their children’s civilizedbehavior.


    The rising sun shines on each child’s happy figure and smiles at thehappy faces of the parents.Reduce children'sschoolwork burden and return children to a happy childhood.Our school iscontinually working on it.

  编辑:供稿:课程发展中心 翻译:陈亚男
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