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      FromSeptember 25 to 27, the demonstration of lessons in the experimental area ofthe second basic education curriculum reform was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province. On behalf of Dujiangyan experimental area, Ms. Deng Lan of our school participated in this activity“Sports and Health”of the primary school.


      The demonstration of the lessonwas" Jump and Game"of the second grade. The whole lesson basedon situational  teaching approach through her every step. The class warmed upwith "Circle Exercise" (Rabbit Dance), which fully aroused  the interestand enthusiasm of students. At the same time, students learned to observe, think, imitate and create actively in classroom practice. Itwasa good foundation for students to learn standing long jump in the future.


      This lesson demonstrated that the closely interaction between teachers and students and students had spare time for effectivea ctivities. After class, Ms Deng  alsomade an 8-minute lecture of this reflection, which accumulated more valuable experience for future teaching practice. At the sametime, she was highly praised by the experts and unanimously recognized by colleagues in the experimental areas.

  编辑:信息中心 撰稿:邓兰,翻译:雷瑶
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